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Our specialty has always been in e-commerce. We help companies and small businesses set up their websites and e-commerce platforms to help them achieve success. Whether it is an online website for your products, or you are creating an online portfolio of what services you can offer, the web is the perfect tool for you to access a wider market.

And we can certainly empower you to achieve a wider reach in the market, through our tips and guides. Help us help you achieve your desired results when it comes to building an e-commerce platform for your business!


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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce is a method of buying and selling goods, products or services using the Internet as a means. That is, trading online.

This type of commerce has become very popular with the rise of the Internet and broadband, as well as the growing interest of users to buy online. You can start one yourself or look for an online business for sale.

The e-commerce has a series of advantages with respect to traditional commerce: There are no geographical barriers for the client. Businesses can be open all of the time. The possibility of meeting clients by working online, improving communication and launching specialized campaigns. And those are just a few of the benefits that e-commerce can offer your business.

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How to build an e-commerce website?

The goal of an online store should be the conversion that is, converting the largest number of users into customers that buy. To achieve this, it is essential to plan, conceptualize, design and program the web from the point of view of the users. Addressing their needs and offering them tools to find what they are looking for is the basis for achieving a high conversion ratio. Here are a few tips that you should take into account to create an online store that sells.

Know your target audience

The target audience is the one who will buy the products from your online store. Therefore, we must know him perfectly: his interests, needs, purchase motivations, desires, fears, frustrations, brand and product knowledge, etc. Remember that the purchase is an emotional decision, so we must have a detailed idea about the type of emotions that can cause a purchase decision by users. It is also important to know the shopping habits and the various qualities that they look for in an e-commerce site when making a transaction. The understanding of the target audience is crucial to the success of electronic commerce because the purchase decision is made from the images and information on our website.

Simple and intuitive navigation

Potential buyers want a navigation that is very easy to understand and takes them from point A to point B with the minimum effort (clicks). So we must offer not only a navigation that allows them to consult the products quickly and conveniently, but also that offers different ways to access the products: colors, materials, sizes, brands, profile, etc.

Use High-quality graphics

The images (photos and videos) of the product are the most important visual element of an e-commerce website, so it is crucial to offer them in high resolution and from different angles so that users can see the product in all its “splendor”. Buyers want to know what they are buying and images are the best tool we can offer to interact with our products.

Detailed and attractive product information

Think of a product advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, but with more detailed information. This is how the product file should be since it is the most important element to achieve conversions. Powerful images with powerful texts that offer detailed, complete, interesting and attractive information. Write thinking about your target audience, their interests, needs, concerns and motivations of purchase, instead of a catalog for professionals. If you want to sell your product, words should excite as much as images. If you do not do it, there will be a high percentage of dropouts and a low conversion.

Have a clear call to action

We must indicate at all times what action we want the user to do in each of the pages of the website: search, buy, consult, comment, share, rate, compare. The action buttons must be clear, indicate to the user what will happen if you click on them and stand out from the rest of the contents of the page. Here the important thing is not that they are “beautiful” and integrated with the design of the web, but that they fulfill their function: to persuade the user to perform the action we want them to do.

Make it simple

Avoid all the complexities that you can on your website. Make sure that the web offers the user a simple flow that allows you to easily access the products and all the important information on the web. The buyer is not looking for a brilliantly designed and complex e-commerce site, but one in which to make purchases quickly, easily and safely.

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