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Best Things to Do in the Seychelles

Beautiful white beaches, lush vegetation and breathtaking mountains, the magical Seychelles is one of the most breathtaking destinations. Seychelles is a paradise for all the senses. Seychelles are particularly sought-after by couples seeking a romantic vacation full of love and relaxation.

An archipelago-like country comprising tiny islands spread across over the huge Indian Ocean. This peaceful country’s attractions are extremely varied. From the stunning Morne Blanc Mountain to the white-sand beach of Anse Volbert – or even Victoria Market’s colorful atmosphere – Seychelles have a lot to provide. If you are fortunate enough to be able to visit these paradise islands of bliss in the sun, make sure you check these exciting things to do within the Seychelles.

Curieuse Island

Visitors can play out the Robinson Crusoe fantasies when they make their way to the captivating Curieuse Island. It is a separate island from all the major islands. Curieuse Island is filled with sun-kissed beaches and a rich nature, but what sets Curieuse Island from other islands is the thriving colony of cute giant tortoises. The adorable, fascinating animals have been bred as part of the breeding program that is being conducted there. Lucky visitors can observe as they interact with them and see the way these amazing animals are being protected.

Anse Source D’Argent

It is a stunning beach that cannot be described with words. The Anse Source D’Argent beach is an awe-inspiring beautiful beach. It is known for making visitors gasp because of its breathtakingly beautiful features and beauty. Anse Source D’Argent beach is an absolute proof of how stunning the Seychelles can be.

In addition to its gorgeous blue waters and powdery sand, the key of Anse Source D’Argent’s renown is the unique collection of massive stones that line the entire perimeter of the beach. It is located in the picturesque island located in La Digue. Visitors should be aware that it is Anse Source D’Argent that remains completely devoid of restaurant or other establishments during their time visiting, which makes it even more serene and private.

Copolia Trail

The Seychelles aren’t all about lounging about and relaxing on gorgeous beaches. If you’re looking to get your heart pumping and increase your fitness level, there’s nothing better than climbing one of Seychelles amazing mountains. The Copolia Trail will lead you through the most unique natural habitats and tropical plants while you travel to a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Victoria, the capital of the nation.

It is said that the Copolia Trail takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and covers the total distance of 1.6km. The Copolia Trail is loved for its simplicity and ease of use, hikers will be satisfied with the uninterrupted views across and the Seychelles archipelago.

Tempio Hindu

It’s tough to keep away from Seychelles’ beautiful beaches however, they’re also a great place to visit. However, Tempio Hindu is definitely a great excuse to take a break from the Seychelles. It is often referred to as the iconic symbol of the capital city, Victoria. This renowned Hindu temple has been standing with pride for more than 244 years. It was constructed in the time that the first Indians traveled across the archipelago and has impressed people for a long time. With its intricately carved sculptures and breathtaking array of colors, the Tempio Hindu is among the Seychelles very few sacred places that can compete with the splendor of the nation’s world-class nature.

Anse Coco Beach

It is awash with all the features we’ve experienced from the Seychelles white sand, sparkling blue waters and lush greenery. Anse Cocao Beach’s famed boulders and rock formations are among the most striking and visually stunning of Seychelles. This is why snapping a photo of Anse Coco Beach is simple, considering that it’s breathtaking from every angle.

Anse Coco Beach is often quite secluded. On certain days, you may just see a handful of guests laying down on the fine sand beach. The surrounding area of the beach consisting of a collection of abandoned structures, enhances the beach’s charming atmosphere.

Anse Lazio

The Praslin’s most coveted of beaches, the crescent shaped Anse Lazio is a paradise at its best. With a stunning view worthy of postcards, Anse Lazio is truly one of the top beaches on the planet. The process of accessing the beach is challenging. The visitors need to climb up a small hill to get to it however, it’s worthwhile.

A breathtaking combination of dazzling golden sand, sparkling turquoise waters and stunning rocks, Anse Lazio’s stunning beautiful scenery may mean it’s busy. Anyone looking to enjoy a sunbath in tranquil surroundings should go to Anse Lazio early in the early morning.

Anse Intendance

The beach is regarded as one of the Seychelles most beautiful beaches. Anse Intendance is an absolute spectacular tropical getaway. It is a stunning beach with crystal clear water and magnificent granite rocks, lush greenery, and pristinely smooth sand. Anse Intendance is a paradise with all features that will attract beach lovers. The waves make it a very popular place for surfers too. The beach is the home of The Banyan Tree Resort, and it is frequently visited by guests of the hotel. Apart from the resort and a beach bar, there’s no other guesthouses or restaurants near the beach.

Vallee De Mai

Also known for its “Heart of Praslin,” the Vallee De Mai is the most ideal place to spend time soaking up the Seychelles’ beautiful nature and wildlife. It is a fascinating nature reserve that is brimming with diverse and unique plants, fruits and birds. The Vallee De Mai is also home to over 4000 original species of palm trees that have been preserved in a manner that preserves the original condition.

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