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The Best Places to See in Cuyo, Argentina

Cuyo, in west Argentina, is full of stunning landscapes that are more spectacular than the next. It’s a wonderful place to explore, and it has many different sides. Many people visit Cuyo to climb Aconcagua (the highest peak in America), but many also visit it for the amazing wineries and vineyards in Mendoza or San Rafael.

You can admire amazing rock formations in the Valley of the Moon or Talampaya National Park, and there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can enjoy wherever you go. Each part of the region offers something different and unique. Here are some of the top places to visit in Cuyo.

Laguna del Diamante

Laguna del Diamante, with its stunning Maipo stratovolcano reflected in the lake’s shimmering waters is a sight to behold. It is worth a visit to Cuyo. Laguna del Diamante, named after the reflection of the volcano in the lake’s water, is located at 3,300m above sea level in one of the most volcanic calderas in the globe.

Despite being restricted to visitors between December and March due to the harsh environment, there is a strong flock of flamingos that have been seen flourishing in the lagoon’s hyper alkaline waters. They make great photos with the Maipo in the distance.

Puente del Inca

Although the Inca built thousands upon thousands of km of roads to get around their mountainous empire of mountains, the Puente del Inca wasn’t built by them. Instead, it was formed naturally by glacial melting.

It is a striking sight to see the colorful rock bridge crossing the Rio de las Cuevas. The remains of an old spa house are tucked beneath the bridge making it even more attractive.

Canon del Atuel

Canon del Atuel, a top-rated tourist spot, is an outdoor lover’s paradise. This narrow canyon is ideal for everything, from mountain biking and horse riding to rock climbing and hiking. Visitors can also river raft down the many rapids of the Atuel River, and canoe down them.

It is a breathtaking experience to paddle along the rushing waters of the canyon walls, which tower above you. The canyon’s rugged, wild terrain is filled with amazing rock formations. It contrasts beautifully with the vibrant blue river and Valle Grande reservoir, which lies nearby.

Las Lenas

This stunning ski resort is nestled in the mountains and boasts the largest skiable area of South America. There are many pistes to suit everyone, from absolute beginners to experts.

Las Lenas offers everything you need, including restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops. It is a stunning place with mountains of snow stretching as far as the eyes can see.

Skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed in winter, but summer activities include horse riding, hiking, and rock climbing in the stunning natural surroundings.


Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside of Asia at 6,960 meters. It is very popular among hikers and mountaineers who visit to enjoy the stunning landscapes and possibly summit it.

The mountain is located entirely in Argentina, right next to the border to Chile. It has many glistening glaciers that visitors can check out. There are also plenty of camping options if you wish to spend the night.

Aconcagua, Argentina’s highest mountain, offers many trails and paths that lead up to the top, with spectacular views at higher elevations.


The eighth highest peak in the Andes is the snow-capped Mercedario, which rises to 6,720m above sea level. Its views are simply breathtaking, as you can see the entire world below.

Mercedario is the ideal place for hikers and mountaineers who want to be surrounded by nature, with no other people in sight. You can walk peacefully on one of the many trails, or climb up rocks’ faces, and enjoy beautiful scenery wherever you go.


Barreal, located approximately 230 km from San Juan is a charming place to visit. The charming valley where the town is situated rises dramatically to the Andes Mountains. There are many beautiful poplar trees that will provide shade from the scorching sun. You can also hear the gentle murmur of water gently meandering through the town’s numerous irrigation ditches.

The laidback Barreal, located on the banks the Rio de los Patos is the perfect getaway for those looking for a peaceful escape.

Talampaya National Park

Talampaya National Park was established in 1975 in order to preserve and protect a large area of land in the Argentine Monte ecoregion – an arid, deserted part of the country. It is a delight to explore.

You can find amazing canyons and sandstone carvings alongside archaeological and paleontological locations.

The scenery at Puerta del Canon is stunning, but equally captivating are the petroglyphs, which date back millennia. A tour to the Talampaya Gorge’s inner depths is a great way of understanding and appreciating the incredible landscapes created millions of years ago.

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